6 Gameplay Tricks To Play In Rummy

Rummy online is no different. It is a game of skills and tricks. The better your skills, the more efficient you are in executing the rummy tricks with élan. It is easy to learn the rules of the game but quite challenging when you try to meld sets and sequences. The more you play the better are your rummy skills. There are certain tips and tricks that come in handy in your gameplay.

Let’s take a look at some of the important 6 tricks of rummy that will help you in rummy gameplay.

  1. Arrange and rearrange cards

Even in online rummy, it is all about the arrangement of cards throughout the game. Since the objective of the game is to meld sets and sequences, you need to constantly keep arranging and rearranging your cards in order to check for the possibility of sets and sequences. This activity helps you in using the cards better and also plans your strategies subsequently. Further, it helps you to determine the possible cards you may have to focus in order to complete your melds.

  1. Arrange according to the colour

Colors have a positive effect on us. In rummy too, it is advised to arrange cards according to their colours. For instance, you may choose to arrange the cards as Red-Black-Red or Black-Red-Black.  This arrangement will not only help you to keep a close watch on the cards at hand but you may not discard any card by mistake.

  1. Discard a duplicate card

While you play rummy online, more often than not, you come across duplicate cards. Now, be wise to trick your opponent by discarding the duplicate card. There are 2 benefits of using this trick – firstly you will be successful in tricking your opponent to discard a card you may need and secondly if retained, duplicate cards add up to your points in case they are not melded till the end. However, you could wisely use the duplicate cards by using a card in the set and it’s duplicate in the sequence.

  1. Use middle cards

Middle cards are very useful when you play rummy as you can make a number of combinations of them. For e.g., cards like 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are very versatile as you can meld more combinations of sets and sequences with them.

  1. Use Jokers wisely

In rummy games, in addition to the printed jokers, you have the wild card jokers too. You could use the jokers properly to complete your sets and sequences. However, do not use jokers to form the pure sequence.

  1. High-value cards are a liability

If you do not meld the high-value cards, then on show by any opponent you could be severely penalized with points. But if your high-value cards are part of a set or sequence, it is best advised to leave them untouched.


As you play rummy more, your skills get refined well giving you ample opportunities to improve your game too. Tips and tricks are guiding sources but do not confirm success at rummy. So, practice more, play well and let your success spree begin.