Children Love Magic—Book The Best Place For Their Party

Kids love magic; especially younger kids. Young children love magic because they still believe that magic exists in this world. When a sleight-of-hand artist makes something disappear, young children tend to really believe it has gone. Of course, when they bring it back we know, as adults, that it was just hidden sight, but young children are almost relieved that what has gone missing has now returned.

And so, a Right Choice magician could make for excellent kids birthday party entertainment. A quality children’s magician knows not only how to captivate the active imaginations of their young audience, but they will also keep the show moving quickly so they are not bogged down by too many details. In fact, the best magician will employ a variety of tricks and techniques to keep the kiddos engaged.


Sure, we might all know how this trick works these days, but to kids—who already love tiny animals they can hold in their lap—it doesn’t really matter how simple this trick is. First there is no rabbit, then suddenly a rabbit appears..And then, maybe—just maybe—they can pet the rabbit. In fact, some make sure to keep the magic act a little short so they can have a petting zoo afterward; that’s not a tough sell to a group of happy-go-lucky kids.


While the big Vegas shows have all the pomp and circumstance—the fire and smoke and music and mirrors and large animals and sexy assistants—some of the best magic you will ever see is sleight of hand. Also known as up close magic, these tricks work because the magician performs them right in front of you, where they can’t hide behind large structures and, again, smoke and music. Kids love this kind of magic—like card tricks and making a quarter disappear—because there it seems impossible!


Also, a good magician will also know how to mix it up. They might use music or humor to tell stories and, as always, keep children engaged. Some might employ audience participation, too, asking for one or two volunteers to help with some tricks.

Let’s be honest, you love magicians too, so make sure you find the right one for your kid’s next big party!