Exceptional Ways Of Using Animated Gifs and Their Benefits

Animated gifs have totally dominated the online memes world for quite some time now, getting vital throughout the blogs and social media instantly. And if something is around for long time and receives enough attention, you can challenge that marketers will start trying out ways make them as a new tool to include in their marketing toolkit. If you are not clear what does the term animated gifs means, it is truly just a range of still image frames that are coded as one file. Gif animations assist marketers emphasize key messages, amuse readers and improve creativity. It is due to this reason; animated gifs are used widely in the email marketing messages

Importance of Animated gifs for Marketers

GIF animations present some key perks to the marketers. In today’s economic condition, it is difficult to grab someone’s attention for more than one or two minute. It is why online video has become challenging to master. You all aware that video has that power to narrate a story in a distinct manner than a still image could and which is why animated gifs come up with the suitable middle ground. You can consider animated gif as a mixture of a video and a still image. Gifs allow people to engage with the format easily, yet they can understand the lesson from the emphasized movement.

Animated gifs as Call to Action

Animated gifs is directing the viewer’s attention along a particular path without being much obtrusive. Gif zooms in on a particular moment of a bigger picture. Such eye guidance remains as the essence of a better call to action. Being a marketer, you must always be considering various techniques in which you can grasp the attention of your users through efficient use of call to action. So, animated gifs would present the great opportunity to try out something creative.

Animated gifs for Email Messages

Animated gifs are displayed in email the similar way an ordinary image does. This indicates you can try out replacing any of your still images in the email with animated gif. Animated gifs can also be used for highlighting and documenting the key features and functions of your product. You can make use of the number of animated gifs to make a short tutorial or demonstrate a step-by-step process about your service or product.

Animated gifs work remarkable for email messages in the following manner,

  • Brings appealing look- Makes your messages visually interesting and includes the value of entertainment

  • Highlights- Flaunts your promotion or offer

  • Derives attention- Animated gifs derives reader’s attention to essential parts of the message

  • Adds more content in small space- Stuffs large message in a smaller area.

Animated GIF for google Plus

Animated gifs are actually native to the world of social media. They thrive on social networks like google+, twitter and facebook. Verizon has even used animated gifs on its google plus profile. The profile picture is consisted of five small pictures that combine together to form a great message.

You can also use animated gifs to launch the new product release. This idea is something that has been tried out by some large companies that feature animated GIF on their Tumblr blog along with the caption.