What Is Playing Next At The Prithvi Theatre?

Here is a place that is custom made especially for theatre buffs. When we talk about theatre in Mumbai, we are obviously talking about the Prithvi Theatre. Hosting the best shows since 1978, the Theatre is an ancient historical monument in itself. Actor Shashi Kapoor built Prithvi Theatre in the memory of his father, the legendary actor, Prithviraj Kapoor. The theatre is run by the Memorial Trust and Research Foundation dedicated to the actor. The Theatre showcases plays of many languages including English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi.

The small 200 seats theatre has a thrust stage and brilliant acoustics. Shows are played all days except Mondays. There is a pleasant cafe, a little bookshop and a photo gallery inside the premises. The rates of the tickets are surprisingly affordable. The theatre is located in the Juhu suburbs.

Some of the shows next in line are as follows:

Aranya’s ISLAND

  • It is a story of a bunch of school kids who get stuck on a deserted island. The island is isolated and there are no adults to help or guide the kids. How will the kids survive? Who will rescue them? This is Aranya’s new production. It has been inspired by many children’s literature books.
  • Dates: 29th Apr 2016
  • Time: 12:00 PM
  • Tickets per person: 200 per person


The play is about the children who are very naughty and disobedient in their school. How situations change the children, how the kids realise their fault forms the base of the play. The transformation of naughty children into very obedient students is shown beautifully in the show.

  • Dates: Sat, 30 Apr 2016
  • Time: 12:00 PM
  • Tickets per person: 300 rupees


The ‘Divide and rule Religion is the tool’ mantra that the British used on Indians to rule the entire nation was exposed by Munshi Premchand. He performed Satyagrah to oppose the British. Even after the departure of the British, their legacy prevailed in the form of some native rulers. The writers of the play, Safdar Hashmi and Habib Tanvir show us the importance of Premchand’s Satyagrah that we present generation does not know. The hilarious yet thought provoking play is a must watch.

Dates: Sat, 30 Apr 2016

Time: 6:00 PM

Tickets per person: 400 rupees

Sur vs Asur – A Musical Play for children

Here is a wonderful plan for your kids summer holidays! Take them to this kids play at the prithvi theatre. It is a story of a boy named Aadarsh. He falls asleep one night while studying for his music history exam. He dreams of entering a musical world and encountering with interesting people. He is accompanied by his sister Nidhi in his dreams. This adventurous play will keep your kids glued to their seats until the end.

Dates: Sat, 7 May 2016 – Till 08 May

Time: 12:00 PM

Tickets per person: NA

Go buy your tickets today and enjoy world class plays in the cosy little theatre!